Puppy Gallery

Do you love puppies like we love puppies? Here’s where you can watch them grow. Come back often as we are adding new pictures all the time.

Day 32

Friends came to play! The puppies and kids enjoyed each other so much.

Day 28


Day 23

Our friend, Beth, from Story and True Photography came out and took these gorgeous pictures for us.



Day 22

More eating and sleeping.

Day 21

First day eating solid food. Very exciting and messy!

Day 20

We spent time outside today, lot of pictures taken. Watch for those still to come.


Day 19

Day 18

Had a visit with friends today. Still mostly sleeping, but some playing also.

Photo credit: Rachel Limmex

Day 17

They really love baths! The warm water is soothing and they were content just to lie there and be loved on.

Day 16

Some of the puppies experienced grass for the first time today. They weren’t really sure what to think about it. Everyone got weighed and some got nails trimmed tonight. Their color is increasing daily and each one is stunning in his/her own way.

Day 12IMG_0652

Just a little puppy nap time. Puppies are still available. Ready to go to new homes August 12. Message Kristi for more information.


Day 11

Not a lot of pictures recently, but the puppies have had their nails clipped and had their first bath. They are beginning to open their eyes and starting to stand a little bit. It won’t be long before they are running around the yard!

Day 8

More color is coming in every day. They still mainly eat and sleep, but they do go longer between eating, so Honey is getting a little bit of a break.

June 25, 2018
A Litter female
June 25, 2018
A Litter female
June 25, 2018
A Litter male
June 25, 2018
Sleeping buddies
June 25, 2018
The girls
June 25, 2018
The boys

Day 7

We had to be out of the house for a little bit today, so we loaded up the puppies, Honey and their pool into the car. We hadn’t gotten very far when I noticed the sky was getting dark. By the time we arrived at our destination, it was raining. Helpers met us with rain jackets and umbrellas. We set up outside on the porch as we had originally planned, but the wind and rain drove us inside where we had a very pleasant visit. I took the opportunity to snap some more individual pictures.

Day 6

June 23, 2018

Day 5

She’s such a good mom, Honey is usually snuggling at least one of her puppies.

Day 4

They grow while they sleep – a lot of sleeping going on today!


Day 3

Some close ups to show their colors.



Day 2

Everyone is content


Day 1



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