I fell in love with Honey’s picture before I knew she would be mine. I saw pictures of Honey and her littermates on Facebook, so I contacted her breeder just before Christmas and Honey came to live with us the day after Valentine’s Day.

Honey February 15, 2017 (2)

Honey captured the hearts of the people in the family right away, but the other dogs were a little harder to pursuade. This was the closest I could get them for a “family picture”.


Over time, they have come to accept her into the pack, as their leader.


Honey (click for pedigree) is  Penn Hip certified with a distraction index of .26/.30 which shows minimal risk for hip OA with even less risk for hip dysplasia. She is a large female with substantial bone, dark eyes and strong ears. Her balanced temperament is protective, but also loving and nuturing; the perfect temperament with children and a great family protector.