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Abuhl Shepherds' Honey Bear and SG Uwe Von der Stadtrand BH SP1 AD puppies.


Archie loves to play. He is great at walking at heel and knows to sit at crossings. He loves all people, especially when they rub his belly.
Abby is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. She loves to be held and cuddled, but is also determined to be in charge of all of her siblings. She won’t back down from any challenge and is very well suited for work.

Kristi Abuhl and Clayton Warichak of Von Der Stadtrand have been working closely together throughout the last year and are proud to announce that Abuhl Shepherds’ Honey Bear and Uwe von der Stadtrand’s first litter of puppies was born June 16.

This carefully planned breeding has produced puppies who have superior health and temperament, high intelligence and loyalty to family. They are well-suited for family homes, police-K9, search and rescue, agility, conformation shows, and also Schutzhund sport dogs.

No matter what you are looking for in a German Shepherd, Abuhl Shepherds’ dogs will meet your criteria.



Honey (click for pedigree) is  Penn Hip certified with a distraction index of .26/.30 which shows minimal risk for hip OA with even less risk for hip dysplasia. She is a large female with substantial bone, dark eyes and strong ears. Her balanced temperament is protective, but also loving and nuturing; the perfect temperament with children and a great family protector.



Uwe (click here for pedigree) Von der Stadtrand is an oversized black and rich red male. He has giant bones and a huge robust head with a beautiful all black mask. He has excellent structure and was awarded VP or Very Promising at both the North Central Championship and the Midwest Regional Championship! In 2017 Uwe was awarded SG or Very Good at the Midwest Regional Championship. He also earned his BH, SP1 and AD (endurance title) in 2017 and SP2 in 2018. Uwe has a happy-go-lucky personality. He is super friendly and is always ready to play with kids and other dogs. Uwe is currently being Schutzhund trained.

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