Established in 2017, Abuhl Shepherds is the realization of a dream. Kristi Abuhl has always loved dogs and has had many different breeds over the years, but there is just something special about a German Shepherd. So when she was ready to build a business around wanting to share her love of dogs with the world, she chose her favorite breed.

Abuhl Shepherds’ Honey Bear is the first in a long line of beautiful, smart, loyal German Shepherd Dogs. Kristi has always been drawn to the look and temperament of classic German Shepherds. As such, Honey is reminiscent of Rin Tin Tin with a big, square head and straight back. Abuhl Shepherds pups are faithful, energetic, and active, and make wonderful family dogs, great show dogs, military and police officers, service animals, and personal companions.


With a heart for people as well as dogs, Kristi is dedicated to making certain her customers are matched up appropriately with the puppies. For this reason, she spends time getting to know each potential customer and talking to them about what their intentions and plans are for incorporating a puppy into their lives. This allows her to set the puppy up for success by socializing the dog to meet the customer’s needs.

Abuhl Shepherds dogs come with a written health and hip guarantee and lifetime breeder support. See Honey’s page for more information about Honey and the Puppies Available page for information on all puppies currently available.

Abuhl Shepherds is located in Madrid Iowa, northwest of Des Moines. Call for more information (515.979.9562) or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

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